The Front Porch Movement is a voice in civic engagement with stories that inform, inspire and help us better understand one another. At a time when public discourse is polarizing, we give the megaphone to diverse people to hear their stories, their concerns and their hopes for the future.

The Front Porch Movement produces original content and distributes it on multi-media channels. Our goal is to advocate for a higher level of community engagement, discussions and debates. We believe through this engagement, people will be better connected, better informed and have a better understanding of opinions that divide us. We hope that by sharing diverse points of view, people will make informed decisions to improve society.


The Front Porch Movement is part of an important and growing movement in civic engagement. At its root, civic engagement encourages people to become more active in their communities and help shape and improve their community's future. Civic engagement can build trust among its residents; it can achieve greater buy-in to decisions facing their communities.

  1. Create an online home where diverse people share their stories
  2. Provide a multi-media portal with podcasts, videos and articles
  3. Encourage new conversations to generate new narratives
  4. Reduce the polarization on issues
  5. Encourage community engagement
  6. Give citizens more power to make informed decisions in their communities
  7. Explore how public discourse impacts our ability to make sense of the news, events and culture
  8. Examine how all of this is impacting our ability to shape our future

Look at the Census data or visit another neighborhood and you can see for yourself how communities are rapidly transforming. Millennials and people of diverse backgrounds are leading much of the demographic changes. These are people not normally engaged by society, not yet at least.  Their growth in the numbers means the challenges we face, the solutions that are needed, and the leaders of the future must include everyone, from seniors and boomers to every generation that follows.

2017 will be a year of civic engagement like we've never seen. A new president, political stalemates on major issues, activists protesting everyday, Supreme Court decisions and the media's role in covering it all. That's why now is a unique period and an exciting time for creating The Front Porch Movement. We give a platform to people who are not ordinarily heard from- unfiltered, with no hidden agenda, just real conversations.