In Search of a Front Porch

December 8, 2015

​After a full day at work and the nighttime ritual of walking my dog Sally, I could have easily walked inside, shut the door and stayed put for the rest of the night. But something was drawing me to another ritual occurring a mile and a half away. Inside Central Park, people were gathering all day singing Beatles songs as a tribute to John Lennon on the anniversary of his death. So that's where I headed, in search of meeting someone with a front porch story.

Trump, the Bombings, and the Media

April 13, 2017

Until now, Moab was merely the Utah tourist destination with 5,200 residents. Today MOAB has been surpassed in Google searches by the “Mother of All Bombs”. While the public is eager to learn about the latest muscle in the U.S. arsenal, the manner in which the media has covered Trump’s use of force points to a short memory, one that could encourage a misguided military strategy and one that could make the United States mainland the target of imminent retaliation.

Memorial At 36,000 Feet

September 11, 2012

Today I attended a memorial service for the victims of 9/11. Not in a church. Not in a park. Not even on the ground. I was on board a plane that took off from Boston, just as two of the four other jets took off 11 years ago.