Meet The Founder 
Ted Canova

We don’t know when Ted’s curiosity was formed but we do have evidence of him questioning things. 

At 11, Ted dialed and re-dialed until he got through to radio talk shows. 

At 14, he had a paper route and was writing letters to the editor. 

By 18, he was ready to launch and set off for college to learn how to be a journalist.

Throughout his award-winning career, Ted has relied on his curiosity to lead him to irresistible people who tell extraordinary stories.

Why The Front Porch Movement

It’s part of our foundation. A place where people used to sit and talk, share stories and exchange different points of view.  No technology or short attention span. Just face to face. The front porch helped create a greater sense of community. It often started with a wave and a smile. A “hi, how are ya?” And before you knew it, neighbors with things to do and places to be stopped and were drawn together like a magnet to catch up and best of all, linger. 

Today, life is different and the front porch is, at best, taken for granted. We rush into our homes, close our doors, and retreat to our entertainment centers. Isolated from community and even their own families. We live á la carte isolated lives even when we’re together. Under the same roof, families do their own thing in different rooms using their own private technology. No wonder it’s so special during power failures seeing news stories of families playing cards and board games by candlelight. Once the power returns, the games get tucked away until next time.

Maybe the front porch is just an imaginary piece of nostalgia to counter today's more complicated life.  But maybe there's something stirring inside all of us, silently asking these questions: 

  1. How can we be so connected yet disconnected at the same time?
  2. Why do we see our friend’s Facebook updates but barely talk? 
  3. What are we missing out on by living this isolated life?
  4. If it’s like this today, how will we live as we get older?

Maybe it's time for another movement, the Front Porch Movement  Let's set out to see what happens when we put microphones in front of ordinary people who share their not-so-ordinary stories. Maybe we'll find were have more in common. Let's see where the conversations take us.