Delta Rae

Holding On For Good

This group of talented musicians is like family, well they are family since half its members are brothers and sister.

Six years in, the group took the extraordinary step of telling its fans during a live show that the band had been "on the doorstep of breaking up." ​

I Took Prince For Granted

Remembering Prince, One Year Later

Bruce Springsteen

The King of Civic Engagement

This rock 'n roller never runs out of ways to connect with his audience: singing, dancing, fist pumping, & crowd surfing.

"I want to know are you ready to be transformed?!

Are you ready to be transformed?!!

Are you ready to be transformed?!!!

The Laid Back Festival

A Night of Tributes and Collaborations

As a music fan, it was difficult to stay laid back at the Laid Back Festival in New Jersey. Even without the not-so-surprising walk-on appearance by Bruce Springsteen, the festival lifted the crowd and sent them into orbit during some of the most memorable collaborations of the year. ​

Jackson Browne

Paying Tribute to Our Musical Heroes

This singer/songwriter makes personal connections with his audience and reflects on the death of his friend Glenn Frey.

“It’s a strange thing when your friends become your heroes and I’ve been lucky it’s happened to me a lot.”

The sudden death of Prince on April 21, 2016 made the world realize his wide ranging influence like few, if any, other musicians ever have.

Watch Prince steal the show at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Bruce Springsteen's stirring tribute of "Purple Rain."