Civic Engagement Podcast Plans to Expand

FEBRUARY 7, 2017- At a time when our country is fiercely divided, the Front Porch Movement plans to expand its voice in civic engagement nationwide to encourage more people to break down barriers and start talking about their differences.

“When we started the Front Porch Movement, we knew 2016 would be a year of civic engagement like we’ve never seen and we were right,” says Ted Canova, founder and host of the Front Porch Movement. “The election of Donald Trump has forced journalists to reflect on their coverage of celebrity over issues, polls over policy, and pundits over people. We’re proud to have pushed back on the rhetoric to profile ordinary people with extraordinary stories. We hope by sharing these diverse points of view, people will gain a better understanding of what truly divides us.”

What We Do

The Front Porch Movement produces original podcasts and short-form videos and distributes them across digital and social media channels.

As part of its nationwide expansion, the Front Porch Movement is looking for contributing journalists who share the passion embodied across the website. “We approach people with curiosity and respect for their point of view,“ adds Canova. “Our audience appreciates coverage of real people whose stories open a window into what we have in common, shared struggles and challenges.”

Our First Year
In its first year, the Front Porch Movement aired interviews with a father and son coming together at John Lennon’s memorial tribute, a pastor who left the CIA to lead a church, a woman who survived two traumatic brain injuries with unending hope, and a musical duo who delight subway commuters by day as they develop professional careers by night. The election pushed the Front Porch Movement to a new level of civic engagement when it profiled the grief experienced by one voter and the apprehension of another who was about to face the holidays with relatives from the “other side.”

“Through interviewing people with diverse backgrounds, it became clear that mainstream politicians were ignoring the challenges facing the country. We are excited to add more voices in more places to spark new conversations of where America is heading,” says Canova.

Why is civic engagement important?
We believe civic engagement encourages people to become more active in their communities and help shape and improve their community's future. We also believe the less people engage, the more discontent they feel. This disillusionment perpetuates an endless cycle of hopelessness and apathy. That’s why it is so crucial to lead the civic engagement movement, to help break this cycle of pessimism and start solving challenges facing our communities. As the Front Porch Movement further defines this new citizen power, we showcase a new civic reality, we awaken voices, and we give each person the footprints and the blueprint to be part of a more representative and responsive democracy.

“We are convinced that civic engagement is vital for America. Moving forward, voices matter. For democracy to flourish, for citizens to be involved, for a national conversation to take hold, opinions can’t be reduced to the color of the state where you reside. The country’s divide is deeper than stereotypes. We need to cover it in a new way,” adds Canova.

The Year Ahead
As part of our nationwide expansion, we would like to hear from contributing journalists interested in producing podcasts or short-form videos.