Marty Trent and his son Paul visit Central Park's Strawberry Fields on the 35th anniversary of Lennon's death and discuss our lost connections, the polarization facing America and ways to recapture hope.

Eleanor Noell, a runner who survived two traumatic brain injuries, shares the silver lining on the impact they've had on her memory.

Vo Era and Eliki are two talented musicians who delight passengers on New York City subways while developing their professional careers above ground too.​ 

Follow them and listen to their work: Vo @VoEra and Eliki @Eliki and

Tom is disappointed by the election results and also anxious as he heads home for Thanksgiving to face relatives who voted for the other side.


Award-winning journalist Ray Suarez opens up about Donald Trump's first 100 days, the challenges facing the media, his own ethnic identity and Marc Anthony.​

Pastor Jan Vezikov talks about being a Russian immigrant, growing up in a bi-cultural family, leaving his job at the CIA, being naturally cynical, and working to find hope for himself, his family and his congregation.

Karen, a first generation Mexican-American, shares her fear, grief, shock, disbelief, and a deep sense of abandonment the night after Donald Trump's victory.